Mum collaborates with you every step of the way when creating your own brand experience.


Like most women, mum loves beautiful things. But mum’s aspiration isn’t to just create beautiful designs which make a good first impression. One of the qualities that makes mum stand out from the crowd, is by understanding how your customers interact with your brand. How to establish that perfect loving relationship.

Mum’s approach is one of total service, custom made to your individual need. She understands what you want and how to get you there. An approach which assures the right graphic and brand integration across the full spectrum of the media landscape.

And mum’s services don’t end after you’ve welcomed your first customer with a glass of bubbles. Mum becomes the creative guardian of your brand and will make sure your brandelicious experience, will stay brandelicious.


Research & insight
Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Tone of voice
Concept creation
Art Direction


Always funny yet clever, fresh and original, mum’s thoughtful and feminine approach to design had led to a successful career in creative design solutions.

In her constant pursuit of finding spirited and inspired ways to bring good design into the world, she has created and styled everything from entire companies to cup holders. She delights in the unexpected, has a fierce obsession for details, a wicked sense of humor and a passion for the good life. With her motto ‘there’s always time for a re-print’ mum will thrive to get the maximum out of each of her designs.


Creative direction
Identity & collateral
Online communication


A fan of inspiring places and locations, mum views interior as a platform where brand and customer meet, stories are shared and social interaction defining the true success of a great brand experience. Where having a meeting, enjoying food and drinks, staying the night or shopping becomes branding and each experience good for a different outcome.

Mum’s daily life and work evolves in or around the world of hospitality. Offices, bars, restaurants, hotel and retail environments shouldn’t just look great, they also need to function efficiently and be a direct reflection of the brand story.

This way your interior will become the platform of your brand experience and develop a long lasting relationship with your customer. Ensuring their experience to be truly brandelicious and an outcome worth writing home about.


Interior concept
Interior styling & design
Exhibition design
Retail communication
Inspiration workshops


It’s one think to come up with a brandelicious concept, it’s something else to actually bring it to live. Mum happens to be a star in getting things done, the right way.

Blessed with an excellent multi tasking skill set, she has built a resourceful network and relationships with suppliers and other talents over the years. From the printing of a new identity, finding matching tea spoons to go with your new interior, to adding the bells and whistles to your online experience, you can trust mum to supply it all.


Project management
Financial management
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