Vink Bouw
Project Development

Nieuwkoop, NL

Consumers base their decisions on emotion, not on square meters.


Many project developers are known to think in square meters, following standard procedures which are documented on many square meters of paper. They still believe that their consumer is only interested in the same square meters and price setting. Which they happily summit in the form of pretty flyers and brochures, advertisements in newspapers and magazines. All printed on paper.

What they forget is that square meters don’t sell themselves anymore the way they used to. That the needs of their consumers change daily, they are basing their choices on emotion and added life values. What does this project, location, environment do for me? And my family? How will it influence my daily existence? With the changing needs of these consumers it’s very refreshing to come across a project developer with an ambition to wanting to do things different. Vink Bouw shares the vision of addressing their projects as individual brands and place those square meters and procedures on the bottom of the list. By doing this they think big and as a result actually don’t stay small, they move fast. Vink Bouw approached don’t tell mum to develop the brand identity for several of their projects.

Our solution

Identifying a pile of bricks, doors and window seals as a brand identity is an interesting process. But no different than another really, you start at the base by identifying it’s proposition, target group and most importantly, the ‘what’s in it for them’. When you invite your potential buyers to sit down at the table together with the architect, developer and brand strategists and let them do the talking, you’ll soon find out things weren’t at all what you thought them to be. Via empathy mapping sessions and moodboard workshops in coorperation with Born2Brand, mum visually develops the projects brand identity and promise.

Services provided

•  Research & insight
•  Strategy and concept
•  Brand identity
•  Websites
•  Printed communication
•  Photography direction
•  Production

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