Flagship Store

Dordrecht, NL

Creating an intimate & informative instore TV experience for a digital provider

Brief and background

Ready to create an TV experience which caters to the needs of both women and men, UPC launches their biggest store up until today where boys can play with their toys and girls can feel at home as well. The store is divided in two areas: a masculine themed service area ‘Behind the screens’ where premium service and product set the tone. On the other side of the store ‘In front of the screens’ , featuring a feminine area where the customer can watch television in comfort on an inviting Moroso sofa. Don’t tell mum was commissioned by Storeage to develop the instore communication as well as interior elements such as wallpapers, carpeting, displays and room dividers.

Our solution

Working closely with Storeage to develop the overall instore strategy, mum was involved in the development of the retail and interior concept from an early beginning. Considering the services and products offered by UPC and how they needed to transition into both worlds, mum created an accessible language as an extension of UPC’s brand guidelines. Using a leaf of the UPC flower as the main graphic shape to hold information in regards to products, consumer benefits or price points. Changing the color of the leave for different in store themes, a feminine touch was added to an existing techy language. The flower was used as light color patterns on wallpaper and carpeting, softening and enhancing the in store brand experience. Together with exquisite furniture pieces from the Italian brand Moroso the store was given a tasteful and warm atmosphere, uncommon but very welcoming for a digital provider like UPC.

Services provided

•  Research & insight
•  Instore communication
•  POS material
•  Design of interior decorative elements
•  Window displays

made with in Amsterdam