Stroom Hotel

Rotterdam, NL

Who needs electricity when you can get Stroom?

Brief and background

Located in an old electricity building at the Lloydkwartier in Rotterdam, Stroom opened its doors for her quests in 2005. A new and unique concept introduced by Stroom which focussed on the bathroom as being the primary place a guests spends most of his time while staying at a hotel. The hotel offered affordable luxury to all, whether one’s aim is business, pleasure or both. Close to an easy access into the city of Rotterdam by either tram or water taxi, it provided a window of opportunity for those looking for an unique experience of eating, drinking & sleeping in a design setting. However, the successful concept was no guarantee for a success in the amount of bookings. The brand identity was a clash to the experience offered by Stroom.

Our solution

Mum began the branding process with the creation of the concept, before translating this across the brand’s menus, business stationary, website and unique dialogue and illustrations. Mum took inspiration from the fact as the new kid on the block, Stroom offered the perfect setting for blooming relations between people, design and hospitality. Mum also recognised the importance for the hotel to function as a living room in an industrial neighborhood so that their guests could enjoy the hospitality and culture Rotterdam has to offer.

Deep seeting and warm vibrant colours invited guests to just enjoy a coffee, a nice dinner and relax.

The conversations one could have in a living room and thus at Stroom became the unique element of Strooms brand identity and were carefully translated onto menucards, postcards, placemats, booking forms, advertisements and of course the website. The site portrayed a fun and interactive platform where the visitor could chose their favorite tune at the ipod, watch videos of the hotel and get an update about current events in the city.

Stroom’s new and clear brand identity and consistent communication lead to an 80% increase of bookings made online, 3 months after the new site was launched.

As part of the Hoscom Group, Stroom’s success story appealed to it’s sister hotels ‘Cruise Hotel’ and ‘Delta Hotel’ inspiring them to start a similar cooperation with don’t tell mum.

Services provided

• Research & insight
• Design of brand identity
• Collateral design
• Website design
• Advertisements, PR & Events
• Photo & video direction
• Production

made with in Amsterdam