Consumer Health

Amsterdam, NL
Brief and background

Located in what they call the ‘golden curve’ of Amsterdam, Serrix’s authentic company vision and ambition doesn’t quite match that so called upscale location if you would closer. Founded on the humble thought that all consumer health products coming from this organisation would be fit for usage in the founders own home and family, Serrix creates genuine products, aspiring to healthier lives and happier people as a result. Starting as a small pharmaceutical company in a branche of big players, Serrix commissioned don’t tell mum to develop their brand identity which had to enable the company to freshly enter the market with the appearance of that of a well established player. With the development of the brand identity, mum also set the tone for the company’s office interior.

Drawn by mum’s solution and brand esthetic applied to the Serrix brand, Serrix also commissioned mum to develop the brand identities for their two main consumer brands: Mycosan and Sorefix.

Our solution

The identity for the Serrix company had to be distinctive from its branche competitors, showing the positive, young and innovative mentality in combination with its key values of (com)passion, impact, grow and think different. The Serrix logo is shaped out of circles which purposely weren’t designed as perfectly round. This symbolyzing the thought that the company, its people, products and consumers are always moving and innovating to find their personal solution in the field of health care. The circles together shape the Serrix flower with a centered color focus on the Serrix Swirl, the ‘S’ which keeps the shape together. The flower being a positive translation of the process of growing and (com)passion when it comes to the companies vision of wanting to keep on developing products which can be safely used by her consumers, adding to a healthier and happier live.

Services provided

•  Research & insight
•  Brand identity
•  Interior design
•  Interior styling
•  Website design
•  Postcards
•  Packaging
•  Brand style guides
•  Art direction TVC

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