Fabulous Mama Magazine

Utrecht, NL

Turning daily routines into fabulicious moments.

Brief & Background

Launched in Sweden in 2003, Mama was the first real glossy for mothers on the market. The concept for the magazine was generated by Carina Nunstedt, mother of 2 who during her maternity leave discovered that the only available magazines speaking to the mind of mothers and mothers to be were the traditional kids magazines. After the launch Mama instantly became a huge success. In 2007 the magazine was introduced in the Netherlands. As a unicum on the shelves, soon to be followed by other titles trying to copy name and formula the name was changed to ‘Fabulous Mama’ to emphasise on the character as a glossy. To get a more distinctive position from its competitors, Fabulous Mama asked don’t tell mum in 2011 to create the new communication concept that could set the tone for a marketing approach which would appeal to the need of the target group and positively influence the overall sales.

Our solution

What better party to approach when wanting to address not only a female target group,  but a group of mothers and mothers to be? Name sake or not, mum surely was up for a challenge. The editorial landscape shows a great amount of so called copycat behaviour. What’s newly introduced this month, will be reoccurring on the competitive’s cover the following. A given fact which can’t be changed, so you need to stay ahead. Time to claim a territory, a subject relevant to your target group and make it your own. To relate to the needs of a mother you need to place yourself in her shoes. Well… done. Research showed that the average mother struggled with finding the right lifebalance between work, family, friends, and last but not least, time for herself. Sitting down with a magazine is often described by women as spending time with a friend, so it was up to their friend ‘Fabulous Mama’ to create this time for her, a moment for mama. We all need a little help claiming this time for ourselves and the magic word in this is ‘easy’. Fabulous Mama’s brand vision was described as ‘Entice, inspire and treat yourself’. Their appearance that of a glossy and their content relevant to make mothers feel fabulous, yet in an inspiring and easy way. Don’t tell mum drew inspiration from these insights to draw out the very essence of the brand. The end result ‘Turning daily routines into fabulicious moments’ brings to life the promise of the magazine and also highlights the brand’s commitment to inspire these mothers to get the very best out of life, work and family, in an easy yet fabulous way. The concept of ‘Turning daily routines into fabulicious moments’ was translated into the magazine, website and outdoor activation campaigns. It gave the Fabulous Mama crew the tools they needed to generate relevant and most of all, fun content for their readers.

Services provided

•  Research & insight
•  Strategy and concept
•  Brand activation

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