Premium: Bavaria's DutchDress

Amsterdam, NL

Raising the sales of beer by catering to the primary need of women.


Good ideas you need to think about, great ideas you need to work for but what about golden ideas? Right, they come naturally once in a while and that’s exactly what happened with Bavaria’s Dutchdress. The first World Cup premium ever developed especially for women. Born out of a selfish need when it came to thinking about what to wear for the 2010 WC event, Marloes Nabben and Hannah de Groot (Sunny Liebherr) came up with an idea so simple, that at that time you’d never expect it to turn into gold. After all the silly and non flattering outfits available it was time to introduce elegance: a sexy outfit for (all) women. But how do you go about selling this as a premium to a beer brand, who’s main target group is men and not women? Now, let that be mum’s specialty.

Our solution

A golden idea needs to go hand in hand with a golden strategy. In what other way will you persuade a male orientated brand to take on a product for women? Men are pretty brand loyal when it comes to their beer. And Bavaria isn’t known for being a first choice brand. It has developed a reputation from the past being perceived as cheap in cost and taste. And although many attempts in changing this, the majority of Dutch men wil choose another brand over Bavaria.

The objective of introducing a premium is well known: upping the sales. The challenge: change the drinking behaviour of men. The advantage: 80% of all women are responsible for doing all purchases, for him and her. Our strategy therefor was simple yet effective: ‘Via her, he will become the man’.

Because what man doesn’t want his woman to look gorgeous during an event like this? What man doesn’t want to enter a bar meeting his buddies with a sexy lady on his site? And what woman isn’t sensitive to wanting to look sexy and as a result will bring home a different brand of beer for her man, simply because the dress was just too cute to resist? In both scenarios, both genders will be tempted to switch brands and bring home this specific six pack of beer. And it worked. The rest is known as history.

Services provided

• Strategy and concept
• Design dress: Supertrash
• TVC: Selmore
• PR: Erik Pas
• Online: Achtung!
• POS: XPedient

Some facts of success

Instead of 20.000 dresses, over 200.000 were sold.

Bavaria upped its sales of beer by 60% during the WC time period.

Bavaria placed itself as a brand on the international market.

The DutchDress was admitted into the Amsterdam historical museum.

The Dress was responsible for a beer war amongst brands.

Never before was a WC premium banned from a stadium.


Bronze Cannes Lion 2011
Gouden Esprix 2011

Gouden lamp 2011
Zilveren lamp 2011
Gouden inhaakmedaille 2010

In the press

Het Parool – 16 juni 2010
Amsterdammers foppen de wereld met DutchDress.

AT5 – 16 juni 2010
Amsterdamse vrouwen achter oranje jurkjes.

AT5 – 15 juli 2010
Bavaria jurkje in Amsterdams Historisch museum.

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