Delta Hotel

Vlaardingen, NL

The water at your feet

Brief and background

After the success of Stroom, don’t tell mum was approached by the Delta Hotel to redesign their brand identity. With it’s reputation as a cozy haven for the neighborhood where locals celebrate granny’s birthdays and bussiness people from all over the country have their meetings, it was time for the hotel to redifine itself. Looking over the industrial harbor of Vlaardingen, the hotel doesn’t particularly offer the nicest view. But surely an exciting view with huge transport ships passing by, seagulls flying over and a fresh breeze lifting your hair when enjoying a coffee on its lovely deck. Nautic being their brand theme, which is used in the design of restaurant and rooms, the brand identity needed that same fresh breeze. However, it was fundamental that the brand retained as much of the known personality to it would maintain that feeling of a cozy haven for customers, old and new.

Our solution

The brand’s identity & eventually interior was to consist of different components which would complement each other and reinforce the brand’s core value, ‘The water at your feet’. Mum created an unique word mark using a sans serif typeface in white, elegantly placed against a blue background illustrating water. The word mark represents the nautic origens of the brand and also emphasises the services offered. Simple yet of a high quality. To complete the brands vision and final stage in the journey, a representation of ‘the water at your feet’ was added in the form of native imagery and accessories to the identity and interior. This way a consistent and fresh brand concept offered a clear and easy to adapt base for all branded communication and the hotel’s rooms and restaurants.

Services provided

• Research & insight
• Design of corporate identity
• Menu design
• Website design
• Interior styling

• Indoor & outdoor signage
• Event design
• Photo & video direction
• Production

made with in Amsterdam