Cruise Hotel

Rotterdam, NL

Travel the world while staying
in Rotterdam.

Brief and background

Nestled in the serenity of its own private Island and located on the ship the SS Rotterdam, the Cruise Hotel really is a destination within a destination. Offering a travel through historic times and a moment of tranquillity away from the hustle of Rotterdam. Built in Rotterdam in 1956, the legendary former flagship of the Holland America Line left the city to finally return again many years later. With it’s length of 228 meters it holds a cultural and historic value for the community and is also referred to as La Grande Dame. Cruise Hotel as part of the Hoscom Group, approached don’t tell mum to design their brand identity which would tell the story of the journeys of La Grande Dame. The brief was to enhance yet contemporise the historic time line of the ship whilst staying true to the hotels core business , being hospitality.

Our solution

Mum approached the project by drawing inspiration from the traditional elements and heritage within the ship itself to create this new but old world. Talking to former staff of the ship who now work as volunteers in the SS Rotterdam museum, the different travel destinations and the romantic mystery of taking a cruise were meant to get a prominent position within the concept creation. ‘Travel the world while staying in Rotterdam’ would summarize the concept. The result not that of a new but of a tale already foretold, translated through a vocabulary of authentic imagery and colours. It brings the guest on a journey through the world of the SS Rotterdam, with the Cruise Hotel as their guide.

Services provided

•  Research & insight
•  Brand identity
•  Design of corporate identity

•  Room materials
•  Menu’s
•  Postcards
•  Website design

•  Production

made with in Amsterdam